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HOW TO PLAY The goal in Papara Tata is to connect 3 or more blocks of similar appearance. Once connected, the blocks will explode. There are 4 basic block types, each with an opposite side. You can flip the falling block's side by pressing the 'FLIP' button. On the left side of the board is the POW panel with 3 blocks. Destroying blocks on the board that matches any of the 3 will get you a special block. Once you have 3 special blocks, you can press the 'SPECIAL' button to set the next falling block pair to a special block. You need to connect a pair of special blocks to execute your character's special ability. SCORING Each basic block destroyed gives you 10 points. If another set of blocks gets destroyed, you get 2x the points. Further sets of blocks destroyed will increase the multiplier by 1 e.g. 3x, 4x...etc. Clearing the board will give you 150 points. In Collect Game Mode, coins are worth 50 points. So destroying a pair will give you 100 points. In Survival EX, destroying a possessed block will give you an additional 30 points. Executing a special move will give additional points as well, depending on what character you chose. CONTROLS LEFT - stir block to left (default: Left Arrow Key) RIGHT - stir block to right (default: Right Arrow Key) DOWN - moves block down faster (default: Down Arrow Key) FLIP - flip the block's side (default: Spacebar) SPECIAL - use your character's special move (default: Left Ctrl) Press Esc or Pause to pause game.

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